The house where she works is run by a married Commander, whom the narrator must have sex with on a regular basis (in a standard Ceremony) in an attempt to become pregnant and provide the household with a child. Chapters 7-9. © 2020 Shmoop University Inc | All Rights Reserved | Privacy | Legal. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. They remember the exact moment when Scarlett decided to charm their socks off, even though they didn't know that she had decided to charm their socks off.

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On her daily walks with another Handmaid, Ofglen, the two women slowly open up to each other. Chapters 37-39. The narrator eventually learns that Ofglen is working for the resistance. When the book begins, the narrator—whose real name we never learn—is being held with other women in an old school gym. When she wakes up people tell her she's not a good mother and take her to the Center. She works at a library.

Chapters 34-36. At first he just wants to play Scrabble, but eventually he ends up smuggling the narrator to a brothel, Jezebel's, where she runs into her old friend Moira. One day the narrator and Ofglen have to go to a Women's Salvaging, a public execution where only women are present. © 2020 Shmoop University Inc | All Rights Reserved | Privacy | Legal.
The first time, she is unsuccessful and is brought back by force and beaten severely. The narrator has one uniform, assigned tasks, and very little freedom.

In this section, called "Historical Notes," we hear from a professor who has done research on the narrator's story and tries to figure out what happened to her. While the narrator's story has concluded, the book has one more chapter. The narrator tries out the password and this new Ofglen rebuffs her before telling her that the first Ofglen killed herself. Chapters 13-15 . When we see her again, she's been working for five weeks as a Handmaid. Anderson isn’t heartless and kind regrets what he had to do. All Rights Reserved. This is her third, final position as a Handmaid. Shocked, the narrator goes home, where the Commander's Wife has found out that the narrator was secretly seeing the Commander and chews her out. The novel opens on a train, where Roy and his friend/scout, Sam, are headed to Chicago so Roy can try out for the Cubs. Three women, two Handmaids and a Wife, are executed. Then she dresses like the guard and walks out without suspicion. Chapters 1-3. Chapters 16-18.

The Windup Girl chapter 1-7 pgs.1-86 notes Main Characters o Anderson Lake-He is working at the seed bank to steal the formula that creates the artificial fruits and vegetables. About Paolo. The Fluted Girl; The People of Sand and Slag; The Tamarisk Hunter; FAQ; Newsletter; Contact; Updates; The People of Sand and Slag. They get fake papers and almost make it across the border when they realize someone's onto them and have to make a run for it. When a coup happens and the government collapses, the narrator loses her job and access to money, as do all women. The Commander's Wife arranges for her to have sex with their chauffeur, Nick, in the hope that she'll get pregnant and bring a child into the house. Chapters 40 … In exchange, the Commander's Wife shows the narrator a picture of her abducted daughter. Hint that he has killed people before. He guesses she made it at least partially to safety, long enough to record these tapes, even if she was recaptured afterward. If she doesn't have a child by this Commander she'll meet a tragic fate. Why is this you ask? The professor doesn't know how the narrator's story ended. She and Luke decide to take their daughter and try to cross the border and run away. The narrator doesn't know whether to trust him or not, and when the men come in to get her she can't tell if they're on her side. When the narrator goes to meet Ofglen later for their standard walk, she isn't there. It's 1861 in Georgia, and Stuart and Brent, the Tarleton twins, have been expelled from school, because they are both that sort of boy. The Windup Girl Paolo Bacigalupi. Tender is the Night Summary. Has empathy. The Tarleton boys want to talk about the fact that the. After the narrator and the Commander go to Jezebel's, things start to slip out of control. The Tarletons mention lots of folks in passing, so that you know right from the start that this is a big sweeping novel about communities, rather than just a little piddly novel about one or two people. Chapters 22-24. Chapters 10-12. Announcing: Water in the West, Loveland, CO, Sept. 24, 2019. Chapter Summaries & Analyses.

Chapters 4-6. “Hostile movement! The narrator is happy when her friend Moira is brought in, just so she'll have an ally. Reading/talk, Q&A, and book signing. September 9, 2019 . You're supposed to be charmed by the fact that they're kind of useless. Flashbacks to life before the Center: Before the narrator arrives at the Center, she is happily married to Luke (as his second wife) and they have a small daughter. The Tarleton twins eventually wander off home because Scarlett doesn't ask them to stay for dinner. Well inside the perimeter! We don't know exactly what happens to her after that, except that it's really, really bad. Soon after they arrive at the hotel, Rosemary hits the beach, looking for attention and looking for love. o Emiko-in Bangkok. Some women, like one called Janine, are totally broken by this demeaning experience. Then Aunt Lydia brings out a man, accuses him of rape, and tells the women they are going to have a Particicution. Ani has the gift of animal-speaking, which might sound exciting to you or me, but is a little mysterious to the people in her kingdom, who would much rather … Chapters 28-30. She almost gets to safety, but at the last stage of her journey something goes wrong and she's captured. She's not super-pretty, but she has charmed a couple of boys named the Tarleton twins because she's that sort of girl. We later find out this is called the Women's Center. The execution is run by Aunt Lydia, one of the people who ran the Center. Their roles will be to have emotionless, non-erotic sex with high-powered men in order to provide society with children. The Tarletons' mom is mad at them, and they're hiding out, because she'll beat them if she's angry, which is humiliating since they're grown up. The book's "present" action is the story of the narrator's time in this house, but throughout the book she has frequent flashbacks to various times in her life: her relationship with her husband Luke, their daughter, and her mother; the escape attempt she and Luke made; her friendship with Moira, the rebel; and her time at the Women's Center, where she is when the book starts. She sees a black van coming—which is the sign you're about to get arrested or killed. Chapters 25-27. I’m doing what should be a very cool event … The Handmaid's Tale Summary. Roy Hobbs is a young pitching prodigy from Nowheresville. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Before the van arrives, Nick comes in and tells her that it's the resistance coming to get her out. I’m doing what should be a very cool event with Patricia Limerick on Water in the West this September.

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