She had a lot of vodka in her, boy, that’s for sure.”, ‘I think I want to go to for a boozy, debauched lunch with Susan Tyrrell and Ava Gardner …, ‘Tyrrell is survived by her mother, but sadly they were estranged and hadn’t reconciled by the time of her death. But that just scrapes the surface of Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker. John Waters Cry-Baby (1990) The $1.5 million film, no small sum now but a semi-decent budget back in 1977, is about a kick-ass Queens housewife named Hazel (Carroll Baker) who operates a home-based electrolysis business in a rather crowded home she shares with her ailing mother, unemployed husband and his perpetually whiny wife (the aforementioned Susan Tyrrell) and a grandson. Vincent Canby, film critic for The New York Times, liked the film and Huston’s direction. What begins, however, as a soul-searching assemblage gives way to youthful revelry, drinking binges, police chases, midnight séances, graveyard mischief and ultimately, tragedy.’ — AZ, _______________ I think I might need to burn 2 CDs for this thing as I’ve got like 30 songs listed for it, and I tried to arrange them by the order they appear in the book. ‘Good intentions and sensationalism compete for viewer interest in this filmization of Hanna Green’s novel about the tentative recovery of a psychotic young woman. Tyrell began appearing on records with Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes' Love is a Sacrifice in 1980. ** _Black_Acrylic, Ha ha. If I see it first, ditto. Sound like a plan? ‘This pointless, droning, pretentious, pompous, and incredibly self-indulgent piece of philosophical dribble is that rare indie film that makes me say “Oh, that’s why it was never widely distributed”. Far Out (Blur) OH, Thursday’s my birthday and I’m seeing ‘Flaming Creatures’ live scored by Thor and Friends! Marco Ferreri Conte de la folie ordinaire (1981) She joined Princess Mary's household as a maid in waiting when Mary was sent to the Welsh Marches as heiress presumptive in 1525. That sounds fine! A Wasted Life: R.I.P. At the news of Dean’s death, Jimmy J. gathers his friends, including fellow spirit Billie Jean (Lisa Blount), girlfriend Charlotte (Deborah Benson), roommate Hanley (Tom Hulce), sidekick Eugene (Dennis Christopher) and jock Frank (Dennis Quaid), for an emotional vigil. So things are at last progressing! She also played a prominent role in his non-E Street, big band folk-oriented 2006 album We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions and the subsequent Sessions Band Tour. Catastrophe (Spacemen 3) Glory to tuesday, here’s to encroaching wednesday This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. ‘S2’ sounds like it was born for plane watching. I never knew of Susan Tyrrell until today but I must have seen her in a bunch of stuff, and I’ve now added Flesh + Blood to my DVD rental list. Cool, I thought ‘I Transgress’ might interest you. Also add in that the local sheriff (Bo Svenson) is trying to pin the murder on the boy because he thinks the boy is gay. Unfortunately, both lose. She was trying to get me out of Madrid. “Andy Warhol‘s Bad was “one of my favorite movies, even though I looked like dogshit in it.” About Tom Waits, she said, “You can’t even hear what he’s saying anymore. I have this one friend who comes around. It’s sad when it takes death for someone to be reappraised, but there’s been a genuine outpouring of affection for Tyrrell online in the past month – a recognition we’ve lost a true original. Peck’s essay was so stupid and crass and the negative response to it so immediate and strong (I’m sorry that I’ve seen calls for him to get fired from the New School on Twitter and, reportedly, he’s received death threats) that the one sentence I added to the second draft dismissing it suffices. I hadn’t thought of Susan Tyrrell much since reading the tragic news of her losing both her legs in 2000 (they had to be amputated when she was stricken with a rare blood disease; considering her health problems, Tyrrell’s death wasn’t entirely unexpected) or kept abreast of her subsequent film appearances. He’ll be cooking. you can now have memorial trees planted in a National Forest in memory of your loved one. She had saddlebags of vodka on the sides of her eyes. The circus has spirit but not much luck, and engagements are so hard to come by that Kristofferson decides to settle his people on Pee-wee’s farm while he searches for a new idea.’ — Roger Ebert, __________________ ‘L’ornithologue’ (The Ornithologist) is great too and might be my favorite of his. I know. Striped White Jets (GBV) I mean, different circumstances and all, and of course, I’ve never read this book till right now or known what was in it and I did write the final paragraph of my novel before this one was ever even published…but still…argh. Suburbanites venture into a “Sixth Dimension” where, in addition to Lucifer, they encounter the domain’s diminutive king (Fantasy Island’s Tattoo, Hervé Villechaize), his domineering queen (Cry-Baby’s Susan Tyrrell) and an exiled monarch (Warhol superstar Viva). The lesbian lovers break up when one admits to having an affair with a man.’ — John Sacksteder, _______________ Motor Away (GBV) * Zac’s Freight Elevator And she leaned over the table, and she said, “You need to get the fuck out of Spain, because the guys all have little dicks and they’ll fuck you in the ass before you can get your panties off.” I loved her so much. And since it’s my birthday I wanna get as close to dying without the commitment, hopefully Thor can take me there. What you said about what happens to the poems. They are singing). [1][5], At some time before 1534 she married Thomas Tonge, who on 2 June 1534 became Clarenceux King of Arms. IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. NOW: ZAC’S DRUG BINGE, a gif novel (Kiddiepunk Press), Now available in North America Carter, elder son of Mr &... Rosalind Joan (Ros) Chatto (nee Thompson), the theatrical agent, and mother of Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones's husband, Daniel Chatto, died... _. *She liked White Chicks‘ director Dorothy Lyman, but otherwise hated women directors. Speaking of renting DVDs, there’s a new crowdfunded film called Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story that’s newly available all about the genius creator of Frank Sidebottom and I’ll be sure to report back on what it’s like. Set in a peeling, shabby vision of skid row Stockton, California, Huston’s tone is hard-boiled but sensitive and compassionate if ultimately pessimistic (“Life is a beeline for the drain,” one of the characters despairs towards the end). Managed by: Steven Ross Elliot: Last Updated: February 1, 2016 Susan Clarencius apparently had no children, at least none that survived infancy. Shallow End (Superchunk) It’s a shame, then, that Burt Kennedy’s 1976 film adaptation of The Killer Inside Me is so willing to diminish the severity of psychosexual threat that deputy Lou Ford embodies.’ — Spectrum Culture, ________________ Seemed like kind of a Far Right thing, but I don’t know? In 2002 her violin became a key part of the sound on Springsteen's album The Rising, and Tyrell joined the E Street Band for the subsequent 2002–2003 Rising Tour. (Silverchair), I actually got most of those songs off Amazon last night, though a small handful I had already (such as Blur’s “The Universal”). Basically, to my mind, with low budget horror, disaster films, etc., one always has to put up with the director or producers’ idea that it needs to be anchored by a rote ‘love interest’ narrative or mini-narrative. ‘“Actor often cast in sleazy, raunchy roles.” That was the headline for The Guardian’s obituary of the maverick cult movie actress Susan Tyrrell (18 March 1945 – 16 June 2012), who died last month aged 67 after a very tough life. ‘An orphaned teen (Jimmy McNichol) becomes fearful of his aunt (Susan Tyrrell) after she kills a man in their home. Published in Tampa Bay Times on Mar. Being released in only 17 theatres, the writer and director for this film do a really ingenious thing, throughout the film. Send your deepest condolences with fresh flowers. Thompson never feared the repulsive. In taking something that is often consumed by families gathered around the television at Christmas, or children visiting the theatre on school trips, and then making it as openly weird and trashy as the format truly is deep down, Waters adds a heady dose of self-awareness to something that often requires it, while also teaching kids how to French kiss and break out of jail in the process.’ — Daisy Jones, ________________ In case you haven’t gathered, this movie is most certainly not your typical formulaic horror flick — and I loved it!’, ‘Z-grade horror flick “The Hideous Sun Demon” re-dubbed and re-edited into monster-movie spoof about a suntan lotion that works from the inside out (it also has a certain side effect).

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