In Waiting is littered with religious language, from Liffey (“Someday you’ll have my head on a silver plate”) to Gay Girls, which is more anxious than it is defiant. They are getting the kudos and attention they deserve and, also, the Dublin band – though the members are from various parts of Ireland – take my mind back to Irish music and what a strong and original scene there is there. The best food, health, entertainment and lifestyle content from the, direct to your inbox every Friday. She adds: “Even though we take the band as a project really seriously, we don't take ourselves massively seriously.”. There are a few bands out there that go beyond the music and act as champions for various causes. “It doesn't have to be a joke. “People think it’s close quarters, but the bus is very big. Corcoran: Irish bands really support each other at the moment, which is really nice. “We wanted an excuse to raise money for this dog rescue,” says guitarist and singer Sarah Corcoran. Corcoran points to a stadium support slot with Future Islands and Idles, when their guitar leads were too short to go from their amps to the front of stage, as a moment of growth and clarity. Over lockdown, they took part in Irish Women In Harmony, a collective of musicians using music to raise money for domestic abuse support charity Safe Ireland; they’re participants of Keychange, an initiative that seeks to address the gender imbalance in the music industry; at gigs, they’ve spoken out against Ireland’s inhumane Direct Provision system of housing asylum seekers; and of course, to be freely queer women in a country that still grapples with a long culture of homophobia and misogyny can be in itself a political act. Such a powerful and fascinating song from a band who have crafted one of the best albums of 2020. For me, it is metaphor and there is an oblique nature that allows for a sense of personal interpretation. There’s so much joy in it,” Corcoran says. We got that, and after that we said ‘yes’ to everything.”. “Yes to everything” now sees them in and around the 40- to 50-gig mark over the year and a half they’ve existed as a band. As the band is making big moves, we ask how they’re feeling about the future. We’re happy to stand behind it as our first album so it’s this huge deal for us.”, Pamela is feeling quietly confident about the body of work they’ve pulled together. “Anytime there’s a reference to Dublin guitar rock, we're like, ‘hold on, why are they not mentioning the lesbian guitar scene that's about to blossom in Dublin,’” ponders guitarist and vocalist Sarah Corcoran. “I don’t think we’d be where we are now if she didn’t have a jetpack on being like, ‘we’re going to get this,’” Connolly says of Corcoran, “When we started the band – myself and Sarah – we weren’t even a band. The band have been described as having a “sonic palette” crossed with “ragged-edged” guitars, combined with “smooth harmonies which is a fair reflection. So I was like, “Can I borrow a bass?” And he was like, “Yeah, absolutely!” Just gave me his bass for this. 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Pick one.’ I was like, we don’t have to,” she says. Everyone knew, at that Finsbury gig, that Pillow Queens were something special but, before that, the home crowd realised the band has a buzz and quality that was impossible to ignore. I'm just writing the way maybe a straight man would write about his experiences, I'll write about mine. Review: Spear Of Destiny – “World Service”, REVIEW: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - LETTER TO YOU (2020), REVIEW: THE CADILLAC THREE - TABASCO AND SWEET TEA (2020), REVIEW: Phil Lynott: Songs for While I`m Away (DVD -2020), Review: Plants & Animals – “The Jungle” (2020), REVIEW: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – LETTER TO YOU (2020), REVIEW: THE CADILLAC THREE – TABASCO AND SWEET TEA (2020), BAND OF THE DAY: BLIND ADAM AND THE FAMILY LEAGUE. My sister had come out before I even realised I was gay, so I was really stressed out, like, ‘Oh god, my sister’s going to go to hell.’ I think that was the beginning of me separating myself from it a bit.”, As Corcoran entered her 20s and came to understand her identity, that sense of separation intensified: “I thought, this isn’t for me, because there’s no place for me in this. At once, one is interested in and affected by the song. Queerness is in Pillow Queens’ DNA Pamela Connolly and Sarah Corcoran—joint vocalists, guitarists, and bassists for Pillow Queens —are reciting a list they made early in their career, of all the loftiest goals they could conceive of. Everyone knew, at that Finsbury gig, that Pillow Queens were something special but, before that, the home crowd realised the band has a buzz and quality that was impossible to ignore. To feel safe in yourself and the place you love isn’t always easily won, but Pillow Queens give us hope. More, it was a feeling that was very evident when you hear them play. Before we get to the brief-but-beautiful chorus with those incredible backing vocals, there is more light to be shed. Pillow Queens: 2020's most exciting indie-rockers on Catholicism, coming out and community. So it's not at the forefront of our mind, but we do know that it's important. So we all kind of knew each other through each other. For me and so many people out there, there is absolutely…,,,, FEATURE: Them Heavy People: Kate Bush and Early Critical Perception, FEATURE: Fade to Grey: A Wish for the Return of the New Romantic Movement, TRACK REVIEW: Pillow Queens - Child of Prague. There’s mention of wanting to play more across Europe or tour with another act in the States. You were all in bands before forming Pillow Queens. Reductive and presumptive terms like ‘all-female band’ need not apply, however. It didn’t have the power that it used to have.”. The delicately offered guitar chords and distant drumming allow the vocal harmonies to express a feeling of underlying distress. I'm actually not. The recurring chorus “There goes the man I want to be, I love my brothers and my brothers love me, Hold up your hands, shoulder the week, I love my brothers and my brothers love me” is irresistible. A quite anthemic piece, with an emotionally sentimental vocal delivery I found the song somewhat of a heartening tribute which enjoyed the occasional intermittent buzzing guitar riff. The track, Child of Prague, is available from: “If we had put it out earlier in our career, it probably wouldn’t sound the same at all. But Pamela knew Rachel and Cathy for like 10 years. Thu, 24 Sep, 2020 - 21:00 . Pillow Queens are Rachel Lyons (drums), Cathy McGuinness (guitar), Sarah Corcoran (vocals, guitar, bass) and Pamela Connolly (vocals, guitar, bass). I have gone back to Child of Prague again and again, as I think one picks up different things the more you listen. So you can put your worries into a song and then it’s just like boxing them up and not dealing with them [laughs] ”. So you can put your worries into a song and then it’s just like boxing them up and not dealing with them [laughs]”. The self-assuredness comes across when their goals for 2019 come up. “But then there’s moments of positivity—older people reminiscing about their youth, saying: ‘Hey, I wish there was a band like you when I was growing up.’ Or younger ones being like: ‘I’m so glad to see people like me on stage”. Pillow Queens – ‘In Waiting’ review: debut that takes you right to the heart of modern Ireland. In concluding, I want to bring into the frame the way Pillow Queens fight for social justice. “I think it’s been different for a lot of people. It's hip-hop. Most of us were in bands during the recession. “It was a labour of love”, she jokes. Eoghan O’Sullivan. It's R&B. “I mean, that’s one of my big reasons for being in a band as well, is the opportunity to travel and see tiny venues and eat hummus in every single state of America,” Corcoran jokes”.

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