items: 1, The fire was contained to the loading facility and there is no damage to the refinery itself. if ( number_show_ads > 0 ) { slideSpeed: 400, } }); width: 100%; autoPlayHoverPause: false, } owlCarousel.fadeIn(); We are constantly innovating and improving to meet our readers' needs. Marathon Petroleum’s Los Angeles refinery is the largest on the West Coast with a crude oil capacity of 363,000 barrels per day, according to its website. } animateThumb.height(parentHeight); $(window).resize(function(){ var sid = "35"; dots: false } else { Africa's most industrialised economy is a net importer of crude and petroleum products. innerThumb.height(parentHeight * scale); if ( objectWidth > 0 && objectWidth !== 100 && scale > 0 ) { var number_show_ads = "0"; var sid = "18"; $(document).ready(function(){ })(jQuery); The explosion at the refinery in Baton Rouge on Tuesday resulted in a huge fireball, with plant owners Exxon saying no one was hurt. }, 700); loop: true, (function($){ Wyo4News will update the story with any new information. } else { (Reporting by Wendell Roelf; Editing by Jan Harvey, Chizu Nomiyama and Alexander Smith), Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Zeta: Louisiana must prepare for new storm while recovering from two hurricanes, governor says, A New Website Tracks Broken McFlurry Machines, Because We've All Been Heartbroken Before, South African refinery explosion kills two, injures seven. if ( objectWidth > 0 && objectWidth !== 100 && scale > 0 ) { "I heard a couple more thumps, and I could see like a big ball of smoke,” Molina said. })(jQuery); max-width: 728px; dots: false var animateThumb = $(".bsaProContainer-" + sid + " .bsaProAnimateThumb"); setTimeout(function () { }, 100); The cause of the explosion and fire is still under investigation. The blaze at a Marathon refinery in the city of Carson happened about 11 p.m. Tuesday. if ( number_hide_ads > 0 ) { CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - Two people were killed on Thursday in an explosion at Astron Energy's 100,000 barrel per day refinery in Cape Town, the company said as it promised a full investigation. autoPlayTimeout: 5000, setTimeout(function () { }, 700); slideSpeed: 400, object.height(parentHeight * scale); } object.height(parentHeight); singleItem : true, if ( crop === "ajax" ) { The Western Cape's emergency medical services said one man and one woman died at the scene, while seven people sustained minor injuries and were taken to hospital. Local residents reported hearing an explosion and seeing a fireball. EVANSTON, WYOMING (September 19, 2020) PRESS RELEASE – At Approximately 10:21 this morning, there was an explosion at the Silver Eagle Refinery, located East of Evanston. setTimeout(function () { bsaProContainer.fadeIn(); }, number_show_ads * 1000); var objectWidth = object.width(); The blaze at a Marathon refinery in the city of Carson happened about 11 p.m. Tuesday. On June 10, a small fire broke out at the facility. } setTimeout(function () { bsaProContainer.fadeIn(); }, number_show_ads * 1000); transitionStyle : "bsaFade", nav: false, } rewindSpeed: 1000, } overflow: hidden; // autoWidth: true, animateThumb.height(parentHeight); var owlCarousel = $(".bsaProCarousel-35"); innerThumb.height(parentHeight * scale); if ( ajax.children.length > 0 ) { $(window).resize(function(){ owlCarousel.fadeIn(); Crews are allowing the fire to burn itself out and are still there to as a precaution. }); if ( number_show_ads > 0 ) { if ( crop === "ajax" ) { if ( objectWidth < parentWidth ) { var number_hide_ads = "0"; var parentHeight = "250"; (function ($) { items: 1, owlCarousel.fadeIn(); var owlCarousel = $(".bsaProCarousel-18"); object.height(parentHeight); $(document).ready(function () { } "At first I thought it was thunder, but it was just like one big rumble and you could feel the vibrations," Felix Holm, who lives some 500 metres away from the refinery, told Reuters. var ajax = $('.bsa_pro_ajax_load-18'); var number_hide_ads = "0"; object.height(parentHeight * scale); })(jQuery); // autoWidth: true, Resident Pricilla Reyes told NBC Los Angeles in a phone interview that her niece came running over to ask whether she heard an explosion and that they saw the fire from their home, which is about four blocks from the refinery. An explosion at the Chevron refinery in Richmond, Calif., on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. resulted in a fire that spewed black smoke over the surrounding area. $(document).ready(function () { bsaOwlCarousel(); No injuries were reported by the county fire department, which was assisting. paginationSpeed: 700, Carson is a city in southern Los Angeles County, south of Compton. Fire erupts in cooling tower after explosion in Californian refinery. Advertisement owlCarousel.fadeIn(); autoPlayTimeout: 5000, Witnesses, neighbors react to refinery explosion. if ( number_hide_ads > 0 ) { bsaOwlCarousel(); bsaProResize(); animateThumb.height(parentHeight * scale); } EMS and Fire responded and tranported two individuals to the Evanston Regional Hospital due to burn injuries. ajax.fadeIn(); setTimeout(function () { animateThumb.height(parentHeight); } else { animateThumb.height(parentHeight * scale); }); Explosion erupts at Texas chemical refinery, injuring at least 3 people Nov 27, 11:26 AM With coronavirus concerns a factor, it's all tied up in North Carolina: Poll

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