Ecology, Second ed. Castilla Oikos publishes original and innovative research on all aspects of ecology. Oceanog. 1997b). - In: Frank, J. H. and Lounibos, L. P. (eds), Phytotelmata: terrestrial plants as hosts for aquatic insect communities. Fowler, S. W. and Knauer, G. A. It could be argued that such a comparison might never have been made, and numerous review papers might not have been written, were it not for the umbrella created by the ecosystem engineering concept (Lavelle et al. 2001), cross-system and cross-taxa reviews of engineers and their impacts (Lavelle et al. We outline the nature of some of these controversies and describe some of the major insights gained by viewing ecological systems through the lens of ecosystem engineering. Sea-otters: their role in structuring near shore communities. — Z. Geomorphologie 30: 485–501. Martinez 12: 327–348. 1985. The organisation of chalcid-dominated parasitoid communities centred upon endophytic hosts. . The distribution and abundance of animals. JP 7: 81–120. In other situations, the modification is done by numerically dominant or biomass-dominant species (e.g., windbreaks of forest trees). His research addresses links between species and ecosystems, focusing on ecological complexity, ecological theory, and ecosystem engineering. Christensen, N. L. 1985. . Wiley is a global provider of content and content-enabled workflow solutions in areas of scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly research; professional development; and education. 1991. Cadenasso Honnold . This planet is alive—weathering and biology, a multi-faceted problem. Finzi L 2003). — Nature 360: 59–62. SE The concept rapidly worked its way into the ecological literature. Kumar 2000, Cardinale et al. Castilla Unstructured data collection can only move scientists so far toward generalization. Berkenbusch Monogr. 63: 107–117. JW Login via your With a personal account, you can read up to 100 articles each month for free. KD 89–103. The biggest effects are attributable to species with large per capita impacts, living at high densities, over large areas for a long time, giving rise to structures that persist for millennia and that modulate many resource flows (e.g. These papers reflect a growing acceptance and recognition of ecosystem engineering as a fundamentally important, general ecological process. Britain’s green mantle. ML 8: 47–55. M Bond —Nature 307: 321–326. A 2004, Soulé et al. KN (ed.). 2006). 1988. — In: Price, P. W. Ribbed mussels and, Bertness, M. D. 1985. Their work highlights the pervasiveness of engineering organisms in virtually every … These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. Perelman institution. ©2000-2020 ITHAKA. D JH Hansell, M. H. 1993. PK We recognise and define five types of engineering and provide examples. This approach represents more than a simple attempt to generate a scorecard indicating that ecosystem engineering is x times more or less important than trophic effects. Ecosystem engineers are organisms that directly or indirectly modulate the availability of resources to other species, by causing physical state changes in biotic or abiotic materials. M Many of the most obvious examples of ecosystem engineers (e.g., beavers, elephants, reef-forming mollusks) do have large effects. Several are areas where a considerable body of work has been done, so the groundwork for further development is in place. 7: 5–12. — In: Cherrett, J. M. Seabloom Control of a desert-grassland transition by a keystone rodent guild. CG . Lond. 2004). Odling-Smee ER Peterson In some cases, their tunnels may be 50 feet l… Patron Monogr. — Biol. MW A partial list includes general models of population dynamics for ecosystem engineers (Gurney and Lawton 1996, Cuddington and Hastings 2004,Wright et al. Gutterman, Y. Findlay Role of large particles in the transport of elements and organic compounds through the oceanic water column. Folgarait RM However, coining and clearly defining the term “ecosystem engineering” made it possible to recognize that organisms as diverse as beavers, trees, and marine benthic worms may be engaged in processes that share certain common features. Wright 2000). . — Science 185: 1058–1060. M 2004). The environmental impact of burrows and burrowing animals—conclusions and a model. 2001, Tanner 2001, Rosemond and Anderson 2003). BJ FJ For example, on a worldwide basis, mollusks were recently estimated to add physical structure to the environment (via shells and resulting reefs) at an annual rate equivalent to that found for aboveground temperate forests (Gutiérrez et al. G 57: 1–32. To what degree do the numerous papers represent progress in addressing fundamental questions raised in the early papers that outlined the concept, or in developing and testing general hypotheses? Molina-Montenegro JS Erosion of biogenically weathered Clarens sandstone by lichenophagous bagworm larvae (Lepidoptera; Pyschidae). Askew, R. R. 1975. Amer. 1991. As noted above, there is great potential for using the concept in evolutionary studies, provided that researchers understand the need for disciplined thought about selection and feedback between organisms and the abiotic environment. F As Jones and colleagues (1994) point out, humans are ecosystem engineers par excellence—as a species we frequently have environmental impacts that parallel those of other engineers, and viewing the impacts of humans on the environment through the lens of ecosystem engineering may lead to novel insights. Organisms as Ecosystem Engineers. Schrader Jones While it is important to guard against the mere accumulation of “just so stories” (Jones et al. Phytotelmata: flora and fauna. Holling, C. S. 1992. 2004), integration of trophic and engineering impacts (Wilby et al. Valladares During this period, the concept also generated significant controversy; one decade from its inception, we thought it would be fruitful to examine the nature of these controversies, evaluate the success of the concept in stimulating novel ecological research, and speculate on its potential to generate future scientific advances. 2004), and between physiology and ecosystems (Caraco et al. . Darwin 1982. Gutiérrez Soc. Dayton, P. K. 1971. . Shachak Structure and function of micro-phytic soil crusts in wildland ecosystems of arid to semi-arid regions. . Plant architecture and the diversity of phytophagous insects. M Plenum, New York, pp. KN The growth of research in this area is gratifying to those of us who are interested in the topic, and will inevitably lead to a greater understanding of the ecosystem engineering process and its many consequences.

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