Let’s start with one of Amsterdam’s sweetest bites– the humble stroopwafel. Stamppot is a complete meal that will make you full. FEBO isn’t your typical eatery that has tables and counters where you line up to order. A lot of restaurants in Amsterdam have started to use more and more locally grown ingredients and serve ecological/organic food. And best of all: it's right next to a cinema where you can watch arthouse movies any time of day. Amsterdam is a city with a tourism problem. She blogs about all that is amazing about Amsterdam (and slightly beyond) and focuses on the best places to eat, things to do, and amazing family days out. But the journey here pays off immediately when you walk in. There’s only one place in town to head for real Dutch apple pie and that’s Winkel 43 in the historic Jordaan neighbourhood. Not actually tea at all, in Amsterdam it’s common to order a hot infusion of fresh mint. You can visit Heinekens first brewery in Amsterdam which has been transformed into an interactive tour ending with a beer tasting finale. One of our favourite restaurants for authentic Dutch food is Wilde Zwijnen in the East of the city. There are a number of branches, some more modern but our favourite is the original Café Loetje in the museum district. Those areas are worth a visit, but they don't represent what it's like to live in this city. In Winter the buzz moves inside with a roaring fire large tables to sit and read the papers whilst enjoying fabulous Dutch brasserie food. Amsterdam restaurant guide featuring 98 best local restaurants & cafes recommended by Amsterdam locals. So please promise us to not fall for that 5-Euro-Pizza or the steakhouse. Please note, this site contains affiliate links whereby I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.This helps with the costs of running my blog so I can keep my content free for you. (Hooray!) The city offers a lot of vibrant, original and responsible places to eat, from snackbars til vegan restaurants. The vegetables which are commonly used for this soup include potatoes, split peas, celeriac, carrots, onions, leek, garlic etc. Next to this there is a big use of second hand furniture. You have to dive into the local lifestyle, eating whatever and however they eat. The steak only comes one way – tenderloins served with gravy – but it will be the best steak you’ve ever had in your life. Pull up a chair on the terrace with the locals and enjoy a huge slice served with a cloud of whipped cream. These are cream filled balls. Deliciously fried salt cod is available at many of the fish booths around town. There are plenty of options for public transportation or you can rent a car and see most of the country in as little as a week’s time! You won't find many tourists here, simply because it is a bit tricky to find Roest. The man that sells Belgian fries opposite to him waves at the kids of his Surinam neighbor. It was all about the sweet dishes for me in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Tours Salt cod is famous throughout the world (especially here in Spain!) You can catch Tracy on Facebook and Instagram. Locals’ Favourite Restaurants in Amsterdam, See All Tours & Experiences in Amsterdam ›, Create You will never see a place like this. Are you looking for a truly authentic Dutch meal when you visit Amsterdam? The best steak in Amsterdam can be found at the beloved Loetje restaurants. Trying out new tastes is an inevitable part of every trip. It is made of two slaps of puff pastry and will be stuffed with heavy cream and then topped with pink icing. Next to this there is a big use of second hand furniture. During national holidays and special events like King’s Day, this dessert can be found in orange icing rather than pink in honor of the royal family of Dutch, the House of Orange-Nassau. Going to Noorderlicht equals a little holiday with great food at fair prices and guaranteed cosines. It was seriously good. These tastes will make you to visit this place again and again just to try them once more. If you want I can send the recipe. Skip the tourist traps & explore Amsterdam like a local. During the day this is a great place to have lunch, dinner or a relaxed lounge afternoon, but keep in mind that it also owns Amsterdam's biggest disco ball.. Inspiring you to escape the everyday through my adventures... 10 Must Try Foods in Amsterdam – Eat Like a Local in Amsterdam, Lentejas con Chorizo Recipe (Simple Spanish Lentil Soup), Easy Ensaimada Recipe (Ensaimada Mallorquina), 5 Family Recipes That Keep Me Close to Home, 13 Must Try Foods in Lisbon - Eat Like a Local in Lisbon, Top 6 Must Try Foods in Galicia - Eat Like a Local in Galicia. by jeanette in amsterdam, food, netherlands. They can also be packaged and will last for ages — simply put them on top of a hot beverage to make the center gooey again! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The walls are adorned with photos of, yes you’ve guessed it – Mothers, from all around the world. Best for breakfast; The best stop for your first meal of the day is at a café. Salt cod is famous throughout the world … The best herring in Amsterdam can be found at the stall in the Albert Cuyp market. Served with onions, it’s definitely an intense bite, but it’s one of my favorite Dutch foods! It is a dessert which is rich with chocolate. Amsterdam is also a place that offers wide varieties of tastes. These are neither Argentinian nor Dutch and you’ll never hear a word of the local language spoken in any of them. Tracy blogs at AmsterdamWonderland which she describes as ‘Amsterdam curated. Home / Blog / 10 Must Try Foods in Amsterdam – Eat Like a Local in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Tourist Attractions. Such a yummy treat! Copyright © 2020 the Curious Pixie | All Rights Reserved, Disclosure Policy | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions. You can’t come to Amsterdam and not sample the original Dutch speciality – herring. The Dutch are seriously into their cheese, they have it for breakfast, in their sandwiches for lunch or as a snack in the evening cut into cubes and dipped in mustard. Just back from: Amsterdam… This rather unknown place is great for everyone searching for food. I only wish we brought more back. On a cold and rainy day in Amsterdam there’s nothing better than popping into a local café for a heaping plate! The most famous is Old Amsterdam, but try the aged Gouda– it’s incredible! The city offers a lot of vibrant, original and responsible places to eat, from snackbars til vegan restaurants. Following are some of the local dishes of Amsterdam that you should definitely try. Whenever we travel abroad, we often try to gain a sense of authenticity while immersed in an entirely new culture, staying away from the comforts of home to embrace the life of the locals. I tried a fair few quintessential from the Dutch cuisine on my recent trip to Amsterdam. A totally new food for me this trip was chutney, which we tried on the Hungry Birds tour in an Indonesian and Surinamese specialty shop. Grab a seat at the bar and enjoy the broad Amsterdam banter from the ladies serving whilst you gobble up a kroket stuffed inside a white roll. A stroopwafel is made of thin layers of dough filled with an extremely sweet and piping hot caramel syrup. My first visit to Lisbon was…, Today I share with you my top six must try foods in Galicia. It's a unique place where you can enjoy Temaki's, Jamon Iberico, Gin Tonics and many different culinary treats. When you visit Amsterdam you must visit Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx and order the oorlog fries. In Amsterdam herring is a street food, sold at herring booths throughout the city. White Label offer a lovely spot of refuge from the bustle outside and the owners are somewhat local legends. You could say it is in between art house, (the right) block busters and great documentaries. Kriterion plays movies in all genres. You should definitely try them to get a complete experience of your Amsterdam tours. There is more to exploring a country than those traditional tourist itineraries, and according to Travel Weekly, our hunger for real local experiences is evidently changing the way that we travel today. A quick press on the hot griddle and they’re ready to be enjoyed. I share my list of the top 12 must try foods in Lisbon, which you can easily check off whether in town for a weekend break or a month-long adventure. What Are The Advantages Of Installing A Cell Phone Booster? While we’re talking about fish, we should mention cod. Go ahead and try it. My friends/familymembers that come to visit me usually want to see the regular stuff: Damsquare, Museumsquare, Red Ligth District etc. Enter your email address and we'll email you a link that you can use to log in. It seems innocent, but at night it can get quite naughty. I need to hunt down a Dutch version in London. Indonesian restaurants and take-away counters are popular throughout Amsterdam, and we ended up eating quite a lot of Indonesian food throughout our trip. Trying out new tastes is an inevitable part of every trip. If you don't mind sharing a jar of home made jam or lemon curd with your neighbor, you will love this place. Gain insight into local culture during an authentic home cooked meal with a Dutch host. The blog is her passion project. The idea is: 'Just like home, away from home'. Minus the cliche’s. When in Amsterdam you have to seek out the many Kaas shops or markets and dive into some, street food Amsterdam style, cheese tasting of your own! Guaranteed. Brined rather than cooked, herring can be eaten on its own or served in a roll with tiny cubes of onion and slices of pickle. (Hooray!) The city offers a lot of vibrant, original and responsible places to eat, from snackbars til vegan restaurants.

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