Also, he's a troll, and being with a woman - any woman - necessarily raised his profile. I just read through the whole list from the OP on down. Long shot, but Nikohl Boosheri who plays a muslim lesbian at the moment in The Bold Type and also played a wlw in Circumstance? Was she in jail? [quote]Kendrick seems like a huge cunt. I think she tries to lean straight with Liam Hemsworth, but it's on again off again for a reason. Could it be the most lesbionic cast since 9 to 5? Maria Sharapova and Camilla Belle have been lovers for years.

I remember seeing Meredith Baxter on Bridget Loves Bernie and saying to myself she is gay. We want to hear your comments -- the good, the bad and the useful information, too. I don't know whether I think she's gay or not.

Email us Telephone. I don't think they are women.

Shame on me and hush mah mouth. Re: really, really butch straight women (ie P!nk) What's up with those? I'm a lesbian in my early 20's and Lauren Jauregui was a huge deal for people my age-- but her relationship with her girlfriend ended as soon as it came and now she is with a man. I was really surprised at how far back they've been associated with each other. They would probably consider her dead if she ever came out. We need more threads like this about closeted celebs that don't go full psycho. What does the "f&f" button mean again? And strangers. She was refused for being too old, as the cut off age is 39.[26]".

Telekom Freemail ist das kostenlose E-Mail-Paket der Telekom. R368 I just hate the "It's obviously a PR relationship!!!"

Let's talk about Diane Keaton. r345 not Bi she's out as pansexual and gender fluid.

That goes for music, too. r27, Rory just had a baby with her husband, so... R32 No to the whole list? You aren't very bright are you. Sometime during Friday Night Lights, she was dating Jason Mantzoukas from The League. I DID MEAN "LINDSAY! " Feel free to email us with any questions.

[quote] I have known quite a high number of women from high school 70s and college 80s that had affairs, major crushes and relationships with other women. L chat is a disaster, but datalounge can be just as bad as sometimes with the boys. I think she is straight, too. R439 Of course they are. Julianna Margulies and Mariska Hartigay are lovers, according to DL. Silverman is/was with Michael Sheen, right? In the interest of good taste, and all that.

R247, you've never slept with anyone who wasn't strictly your type? So r6 does that mean that the rumors about Sanaa being Denzel's side piece where not true? [quote]The word bislut is a staple on that site. How did Sean Penn do it? Heard has been in straight relationships, but has never actually pretended to be straight.

I doubt she's homophobic or self-hating, but maybe her environment or her fans are, so she has to keep up the charade. [Quote] kendrick fandom is leaving now that brittany snow’s character has a boyfriend in pitch perfect 3 .... their ship sailed :(, But somehow Kendrick's character having a bf didn't stop them lol, [r541] haha oh wait u are right my bad i totally forgot the first movie was about her loving that breakfast club lovaire. As R455 says, by credible accounts I've heard, Headey is bi, actually bi and not "meaningless actress statement about fluid sexuality" bi. making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing to find some other site She's dating some rapper named G-Eazy. I was looking online and that Asian woman she has been papped with seems a likely candidate. Some of the L Chatters pissed me off when they defended that bitch Laura Prepon's involvement in Scientology. r187 gotta keep that conservative $$$$ coming in, " What prey tell is that yummy smell ? Neither Hollywood nor entertainment, but high visibility. The bottom line is that it has been a effective tool in my work, as a non-profit reaching out to leadership. Ms. Jauregui's "fame" had best remain confined to the LChat, R395.

Jill Hennesy pings to me. Someone found out Lilly Tomlin is into women? Lchat is beyond delusional with their obsessions over straight women. To send your questions, suggestions and ideas through the mail or to call us directly, here is the BET Network/ mailing address: BET Networks Find Elizabeth Kono's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information.

all they think about his how to get money to buy shoes and purses. Then again, maybe that's just wishful-thinking on the part of the lingering fragments of my inner teen consciousness. Rodriguez is a lesbian and always has been. So, it will go up then go down.

Scarlett aka ping to high heaven Johansson ... looks like a dyke, walks like a dyke, talks like a dyke, eats cunt like a dyke ... therefore we can draw some conclusions.

but what connects all women is their ability to manipulate situations by crying when they dont succeed and own a situation. It's sad because she is talented but her choice to return to the closet disappoints me. Your dating pool, in that case, is almost as large as the lesbian dating pool itself, R250. R165, Taylor Schilling is the gay one, she bearded with Zac Efron.

We can divert our attention to actually going after the customer now! It was always so obvious! Would love to catch her eye some time. Amber was hanging out a lot with carpet muncher Cara Delevingne after her split with Depp. Find the most crucial people you need to bring your product to with our advanced search features and then immediately take action, leaving your competition in the dust.

R457 because people have been programmed to view lesbian activity as unthreatening titillation that does not harm the heterosexualists and is cute and fun and not at all serious. Sie können die Domain weiterhin nutzen und neue einfach hinzufügen. Always reminded me of the captain of the womens field hockey team.


Selena Gomez . I played in a celebrity softball game years ago for charity. Please don't bring these nonentities here. Wasn't Jackée involved with the late Vesta Williams?

[Quote] Jenifer Aniston is 100% gay however. Next you'll tell me that Boy George is doing the same. She's known internationally, he wasn't. Kristin Davis has not had any long term relationships with men. ** Weniger Werbung im E-Mail Center als im Freemail-Angebot. * Wenn Sie einen Telekom Mobilfunk- oder Internetvertrag haben, bieten wir Ihnen kostenlos Mail S an. Uh huh. About half of this thread makes sense, maybe more. Jennifer Lawrence is not gay. Interesting thread. I loved the ability to determine personal emails from virtually anyone on the web with RocketReach. Strategic Initiatives Leader, Film and Television producer @ Film and TV Producer at Denver and Delilah Films, Entertainment, Microsoft Office, Strategic Planning, Sales, Leadership, Film.

That sounds like straight guy's wishful thinking to the max. I long suspected Lauren Ambrose, the 2-time SAG award-winning redhead actress who played Claire on 'Six Feet Under' and whose character in CAN'T HARDLY WAIT deflowered Seth Green. I remember rumors about Sarah Silverman fucking Rosie O'Donnell back in the 90s.

Search and discover companies that match the right target criteria. Does that mean Sean Penn was her beard? Some bi/ambiguous women would be better off full-lesbian. It also says this: "At age 40, Hall unsuccessfully tried to become a nun after a bad break-up. Not that they're "famous," but I believe that Ryan Serhant's "wife" (from MDLNY) Emilia is a lesbian too, which explains why he married her.

Jane's daughter is bi. R98 so does that mean that Diego Luna and the guy she was with who was in Y Tu Mama Tambien are gay? R263, good question.

Now it might well be the norm among young people that young women have a go at each other and don't just chalk it up to playing around but accept it as part of their identity.

Beth Kono, Producer: Tully. Whether Oprah and Gayle are banging or not, in every other way their relationship is equivalent to lesbianism so i'm including them. And I say that as someone who adores the women in my life. Bei können Sie ganz einfach, innerhalb weniger Minuten, Ihre E-Mail Adresse erstellen und unser Angebot einen Monat lang gratis testen. Hier können sie Ihre The Hadid sisters also look like they have a touch of the lezbo. Not that it means anything. [quote]Are there any closeted lesbians among the many self-proclaimed bisexual Hollywood actresses? Launched by @HTeuMeuLeu and the team at Tilt Studio. (And as it happens, her birth name is actually Miranda Hart Dyke.). [quote]The Entire MAIN cast of "The Craft". Yay! STREAM EXCLUSIVE ORIGINALS, TYLER PERRY AND CLASSIC HITS, Madea’s Farewell The Play - Virtual Museum.

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