IFRS 15, certain disclosures from paras 110-129. Canopy Growth Corporation Statement of Financial Position. Unobservable inputs and key sources of estimation uncertainty, 4. As a result, we transfer semen inventory into sexed semen production at its fair value at the point of harvest, less the cost to sell, and it becomes a component of the production process. Determining the fair values of our bovine and porcine biological assets requires the application of a number of estimates and assumptions. Audited financial statements help decision makers. Brexit risks and mitigation, trade barriers, sourcing, data transfer, people, reference in viability statement, Principal risks, Brexit implications, free movement of goods, tariffs, exchange rate, business planning, mitigation, and COVID – 19, Principal risks in viability statement , COVID – 19, Brexit, foreign exchange, quality, cyber security, covenants and headroom, Brexit risks and mitigating actions, aviation market, freedom of movement, tax, ownership, currency, airline, Key to certain UK Companies Act strategic report and non-financial information statement disclosures, CA sections 414C, 414CA and 414CB, Brexit plans and share ownership, principal risks, airline, Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) disclosure, UK SI 2018/1155, Principal risks, cyber security and description of measures taken during the year, Brexit and other economic and political risks, passporting, customers, employees, banking, Table showing location of non-financial information required by UK Companies Act section 414CB, Coronavirus, impact assessment, outlook, stress testing, viability, retail, Disclosure of additional segment for international following interaction with FRC Conduct Committee, IFRS 8 paras 33(a)(b), geographical information, revenue, non-current assets, IFRS 8 paras 22, 23, 28, profit, assets and liabilities, reconciliations and disaggregated IFRS 15 information, IFRS 8 para 22(aa), judgements made in aggregating operating segments into reportable segments, Disclosure of vertically integrated operations, aggregation of segments and reasons, IFRS 8 para 32, information about products and services, IFRS 8 para 34, disclosure of major customers, IFRS 8 para 22(aa), disclosure for aggregation of operating segments, IFRS 8 para 22(aa), judgements applied in aggregating segments, including economic indicators, IAS 36 para 129, disclosure of impairments and reversals by segment, IAS 10 para 8, adjusting post balance sheet event, safety recall, IAS 10 para 9(a), adjusting event, settlement of legal case, IAS 10 para 21, 22(f), proposed capital raising, non-adjusting events, IAS 10 para 17, date of authorisation of financial statements for issue, IAS 10 para 21, non-adjusting pbse, tornado, agreement with pension trustees on deficit funding, IAS 10 paras 21, 22(e), restructuring announced post year end, IAS 10 para 21, non-adjusting event, decision to return government furlough assistance, COVID – 19, IAS 10 para 22(e), announcement of major restructuring, non-adjusting event, with quantification of expected cost, IAS 10 para 21, non-adjusting post balance sheet event, regional flooding, partial suspension of operations, IAS 10 para 21(b), 22(e), major restructuring announced post year end, IAS 10 paras 21, 22(b) (e), post balance sheet administration of major subsidiary, restructuring, pro-forma, IAS 10 para 22(h), substantively enacted tax changes, brought forward losses, potential implications of Brexit, PPE carried at valuation, policy, IFRS 13 para 93 fair value hierarchy and disclosure of unobservable inputs, COVID – 19, aircraft maintenance, policy for owned aircraft and provisioning policy for operating leased aircraft (IFRS 16 adopted), IAS 16 para 14, accounting for dry-docking expenditure, shipping, Property at valuation, policy for surpluses and deficits, level 3 hierarchy disclosures for unobservable inputs, IAS 16 para 51, IAS 8 para 38, change in useful lives of power plants, IAS 16 para 51, IAS 8 paras 39,40, change in useful lives of aircraft and engines, IAS 16 para 51, residual values reviewed annually, IAS 8 para 39, disclosure of current year effect of change in estimate, IFRIC 20, policy for deferred stripping costs, mining, judgements and estimates, IAS 16 para 74(c), contractual commitments for PPE, IAS 23 para 26, disclosure of interest capitalised and UK LR 9.8.4R tax relief thereon, Presentation of financial statements – IAS 1.

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